Jersey Shore (PA) Swim Blog

Jersey Shore (PA) Swim Blog

Monday, July 11, 2011

When Will This Obesity Talk Stop?

The new policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics, entitled "Children, Adolescents, Obesity and the Media," states: "American society couldn't do a worse job at the moment of keeping children fit and healthy -- too much TV, too many food ads, not enough exercise, and not enough sleep."

Closer to home, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, states more people in Pennsylvania may be loosening their belt instead of tightening it.

Pennsylvania ranks 19th in the nation for the most obese adults, with more people becoming less active, sitting at the computer, playing video games or just sitting around and watching television.

England's government has released a statement saying that even infants should exercise. In the article, it states "For babies who can't walk yet, the government says physical activity should be encouraged from birth, including infants playing on their stomach and swimming sessions with their parents."

Bottom line - Why does the government and newspapers waste their time with this issue?  I suppose they need something to fill their newspapers or websites.  Most parents don't care.  Certainly our government officials don't care.  Many examples to choose from but let's look at the closing of pools in communities around Pennsylvania.  It is cheaper and easier to let the kids stay home. Let the computer/tv entertain our kids.  I wish the newspapers/blog sites would spend more time on more pressing issues like American Idol and the latest on Lindsay Lohan.

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