Jersey Shore (PA) Swim Blog

Jersey Shore (PA) Swim Blog

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today's Summer Swim Team Announcements

Wednesday: Practice - both morning and evening sessions as normal.

Thursday: Home Swim Meet against Williamsport: - Pirate Theme

The Williamsport and Jersey Shore coaches are going to try something a little fun with this meet and make it a themed meet. We would like to ask everyone to dress in PIRATE attire for this meet (except the kids should still wear their team suits). Get creative over top of your team suit! Get an eye patch? How about a red bandana? Braid your hair? Mascara mustaches? Awesome!! (My Allison is trying to put together a mermaid costume for the Pirate theme!) If anyone has any PIRATE decorations we could use to make the pool more festive, please bring them along. We are also looking to have PIRATE music playing until the meet starts. Does anyone have a soundtrack to any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies? Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Kids need to be at the pool at 4:45 PM. Don’t forget your concession stand food donation (and soda/Gatorade donation if you didn’t bring it Tuesday). Below is the list of workers for Thursday’s meet (timers/officials and concession stand).

FROM THE COACHES: If your child is NOT going to be at the meet on Thursday please let me (or the coaches) know ASAP. There were several swimmers who had not signed out of the meet, but did not show up Tuesday afternoon. When this happens, it affects the swimmers that they were scheduled to be in relays with. So, we are sorry if your swimmer only ended up having a few events, he or she may have originally been assigned to more, but had to be “scratched” if someone unexpectedly didn’t come to the meet.

FOR SALE: Since we are heading into a few intense weeks of swim meets, I got in a new supply of swim team items.

• Speedo Goggles (very good quality) – there are a variety of styles, sizes and colors. All goggles range from $10, $12, $15 and $20 a pair. See me at practice or the dip and dance to cool colors and styles!

• Swim Team Towels – from last year announcing our undefeated streak (orange tie-dye) - $10 each (there are only 1 or 2 of these left).

• Heavy Silicone Caps – Black, Orange, Green - $5 each

• Lighter Latex Team Caps – Black with the orange JS Swimming Logo OR Black with the ‘Swim for Shore’ logo - $3

• Water Bottles – Gray with Orange Logo - $3

Friday: Dip and Dance: ZUMBA Style!! Evening practice is cancelled, but don’t forget to support the team by coming to the pool Friday night for a cool new dip and dance theme! The swim team will be hosting a Dip and ZUMBA night at the pool! Zumba is super popular in the area and super fun, so for a $3 admission, you can spend some time dancing to Zumba on the land and swimming in the pool!!


• Clothing Sale - I talked with the vendor for the clothing sale and right now, they are to be ready on Friday. If they are, I will pick them up and bring them to the dip and dance and Monday’s practice to distribute.

• Pictures – The photographer called me today and scheduled to deliver the pictures to me on Friday morning. Again, I will bring them to the dip and dance and Monday’s practice to distribute.

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