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Jersey Shore (PA) Swim Blog

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mill Hall Meet Details

Lock Haven Meet – Wednesday, July 27, 2011 @ Lock Haven (at the Mill Hall Community Pool). Meet starts at 6pm.

The bus will be in the Jersey Shore Elementary School parking lot at 4:15pm and will pull out at 4:30pm. Because of the meet last night, there is no signup sheet for this bus. If your swimmer would like to ride the bus to the meet, make sure they are on time so it doesn’t leave without them.

If you are driving your swimmer(s) to the meet, they must be at the pool at 4:45pm. Directions to the Mill Hall Pool are below.

From Jersey Shore – Take 220 South to the Mill Hall Exit (Wal-Mart, Lowe’s). Coming off the exit ramp, navigate to the left lane. At the intersection (traffic light) turn left onto Rt 150 and head to the very next intersection (Curt’s Smoking Ribs). Turn left onto Pennsylvania Avenue and continue on Pennsylvania Avenue for 1 or 2 blocks. Make a right onto either 3rd street or 2ndstreet (I think you may be able to use either). Both streets kind of “run into” the pool parking area.

Swimmers do not need to ride the bus home if they rode to the meet that way. Parents, just please tell the coaches if you are taking your child with you after the meet.

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