Jersey Shore (PA) Swim Blog

Jersey Shore (PA) Swim Blog

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Jersey Shore Athletes Swim With the Pine Creek Hellbender

Shortly after the picture below was taken (Labor Day on Pine Creek in Lycoming County), several Jersey Shore swimmers (and other athletes) were made aware that a hellbender was lurking below.   After several minutes of watching this water creature move about, the group moved on down the creek.

Say what?  Not sure what a hellbender is?  Check out the following links to see what the swimmers observed on the creek bottom;

  • Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, here
  • Lycoming College, here
  • Allegheny Front, here

What an awesome mascot for a Pennsylvania swim team.  Could never understand why local teams picked sharks, stingrays, or loggerheads.  Anyone spot one of those in our local waters?

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