Jersey Shore (PA) Swim Blog

Jersey Shore (PA) Swim Blog

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Take Action To Save Community Pools In Pennsylvania (It Is Just A Simple Survey)

Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is developing its Outdoor Recreation Plan, which will help to guide future recreation investments, policies and facilities across the state.  They are currently conducting a survey to determine what is needed and where resources should be directed. 

It is a short survey of 13 questions but one of the questions asks the survey taker to rate the level of priority your local community should place on investing in certain facilities over the next five years.  First facility mentioned is ‘swimming pools/water play parks’ (see picture at bottom of blog).  Pools can be expensive to maintain and at times, public and local funding is needed to rehabilitate the structures.  These pools have many benefits; such as adding to our community’s recreational value and attracting people to our communities, become social outlets and bring families together in the community, they can be source of employment for area teens to lifeguard, teach swimming lessons, water safety, and other fitness and therapeutic activities for children, adults, and seniors.

If public swimming pools are important to you and your family, show your support by filling out the short survey at  

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