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Jersey Shore (PA) Swim Blog

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Where is the Williamsport YMCA Swim Team?

Below is an article from the Lock Haven Express detailing a swim meet between the Lock Haven YMCA and Williamsport thirty years ago (from the 1981-1982 winter swim team season).  Now, competition with Williamsport Y is a distant memory.  Why?  Are there no pools in Williamsport?  Are there no kids interested in swimming in the largest city in central Pennsylvania?  Is the Williamsport Y not interested in offering this activity to the locals?  Did the swimming parents run the program into the ground?  Could no coaches be found?

It is a shame that the Williamsport community could not pull together and provide the youth of their community the opportunity to swim competitively.

Lock Haven Express article from the 1981-1982 YMCA winter swim meet
between Lock Haven and Williamsport.  Clipping courtesy of the Steve Sheets family.
Click on photo to enlarge

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