Jersey Shore (PA) Swim Blog

Jersey Shore (PA) Swim Blog

Saturday, November 19, 2011

All Hands On Deck

As of last count we are down in sales by over 200 wreaths, with just under 350 units sold.  While this is not ideal (as this is what pays the coaches’ salaries and how we keep our registration prices so low compared to the other local YMCA swim teams) it will cover a good portion of the team expenses.  We need a bit more help to see this fundraiser through to completion.  Please volunteer as much as your schedule allows as it is parent participation that makes this team as great as it is!!!
Sunday Morning, November 20 – the wreaths are delivered to the YMCA by 10 am and we will need volunteers to help unload the truck.  Please send an email to if you can be at the YMCA at 9:45am to help prepare the room and help unload the truck.  As always the more volunteers we have the quicker we will get done!  We need a MINIMUM of 5 to 7 volunteers to carry this off.
Sunday Late Morning, November 20 volunteers needed by 10:15am at the JS YMCA so we can prepare/organize the wreaths for pick-up (we have to put on around 600 pinecones!). This is the bulk of our workload and we need a minimum of about 20 parents/swimmers to get the wreaths processed for pick-up.  Again, please send an email to if you can help add pinecones to the wreaths and sort/prepare the orders. We also need to “pull” about 350 bows…so keeping with the “theme” the more volunteers we have, the quicker we can get everything organized!!!  With just under 400 units, we will need all the help we can get, so bring your helpful swimmer(s) along with you!  (Even the littlest swimmers are excellent helpers at the wreath sale!
Sunday Afternoon, November 20 volunteers needed by 11:30am at the JS YMCA for distribution and pick-up. If you aren’t available to help in the morning, please consider helping organize the distribution, pick-up and clean-up (boy there are a lot of pine needles after we get done!)  We need a minimum of 10 to 15 parents/swimmers to get the wreaths processed for pick-up.  Again, please send an email to if you can help with this time. 
Veteran Parents…Please note ADJUSTED Pick-up hours are from 11:30am – 1:30pm.  ALL orders MUST be picked up by 1:30pm.

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